Our third port was the city of Ketchikan.  A friend of ours lives in Ketchikan and gave us the local’s tour.  Ketchican is home to the largest collection of totem poles including Totem Bight State Park.

Totem poles serve many different purposes.  The most elaborate are memorials or tributes to heroic tales.

Others such as this one are used to mark a grave

The community house held 30-50 people.  In the center was a fire.  Proximity to the fire was a sign of class and status.

Community House

The entrance to the house was designed so that someone entering would have to crouch or stoop as they entered.  This made it easy to club them over the head if they were an intruder.

Community house entrance

Around every corner in Ketchikan is another scenic view

This waterfall flows down into the ocean

While still endangered, bald eagles are fairly abundant


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