Cusco – Businesses

Being a tourist city, Cusco is bustling with many small shops.  Each block or two focuses on a particular type of business.  For example around the corner from our hotel were all of the tailors.  Then the next block was the candle merchants, and the next mattresses.

Restaurants were spread throughout town.  Who knew we had to travel all the way to Peru to get local Chicken.

“Local” chicken

Or the local coffee franchise.

“Local” coffee shop

There were also plenty of local traders.  For example, here is a typical vendor in the Mercado (market)

Typical market vendor

On Saturday there is a large Mercado that includes everything – produce, meat, prepared food, flowers, crafts and more.  Like the city streets each isle of the Mercado is focused on one type of vendor.  This makes it easier to compare prices and selection.

As you might imagine, the butchers featured every part of the animals, often on full display.

Mercado butcher

Instead of Jamba Juice they have vendors that sell “fruit infusions”.  As part of their service they provide a place for you to sit and enjoy your cold beverage.

Fruit infusion vendor

There are a lot of vendors selling fresh produce.  One of the highlights is the massive avocados.

Produce vendor

And these massive heads of Chinese cabbage


Corn is not only plentiful in Peru, but it is amazing the different varieties that exist.

Many varieties of corn

The ears are very large and very flavorful compared to the corn in the US.

There are vendors that sell grains and similar goods by weight.

Grain vendor

You can even buy your cat and guinea pig food from the same grain vendor

Grains and guinea pig food side by side

This vendor focused almost exclusively on cat food with brands such as Rico Cat (Rich Cat) and Super Can (dry food).

Cat food too!

There were vendors that prepared foods as well.  In this case the vendor is selling different types of soups and a place to sit down and eat.

Soup for sale

This vendor prepare ceviches

Ceviche vendor

For about two dollars we tried the mixed seafood ceviche.

Mixed seafood ceviche with dried corn

It’s hard to tell in this image, but the cheese is made in baskets so the outside perimeter has an intricate design in it.

Cheese vendor

Outside the market there was another outdoor street market happening.  The vendors lined the sides of the streets

Outdoor Mercado

This vendor takes matters into his own hand.  The display cart is attached to a bicycle.  And he has a PA system to announce the specials of the day.

Mobile produce vendor

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