Cusco – Dogs

As you know we’re big dog lovers.  Like many other places around the world Peru has a problem with street dogs.  According to our local guide, this is because spaying or nutering is rare.  Families are happy to taking the dogs when they are cute puppies.  But when they are older or the family falls on hard times, the dogs are abandoned.  Because of their social nature the dogs congregate in town and are able to survive on their own.

All of the dogs are friendly, but not particularly engaging like we are used to with our pet dogs.  However, this dog followed us for a bout a block from the front of a church towards some shops.

And even waited for us outside the shop.

Like the people, the dogs were fond of hanging out in the city square.

From time to time you do see well taken care of pet dogs.  We even saw a street dog playing with a pet dog.

The dogs were fully integrated into daily life.  Sometimes they would rest


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