Cusco – Hiking to Sacsayhuman

In the afternoon we decided to split up.  Brian, Mia, and I decided to take a hike up to the top of the foot hill that protected Cusco.  At the top of the hill was a statue of Jesus Christ (we assumed) and several crosses.

Top of mountain near Cusco

Map of hike


Leaving the town square, our view started with a set of stairs

Stairs out of Cusco

Climbing a few hundred feet gave us a good view of the rooftops of Cusco.

Rooftop view of Cusco

And the town square

View down to town square

After taking a turn, the stairs were more ominous.  This was the view back down after hiking about half way up.

More stairs!

We were rewarded with a resting/vista point that was spectacular.

View down into Cusco

There were also two children with their llama and alpaca.  For a small donation we took the obligatory tourist picture.

Llama and Alpaca

We continued up the hill.  About 1/2 mile from the top we reached the entrance to Sacsayhuaman,  a natural park that included the peak of the mountain.  We decided not to pay the somewhat pricey $70 solas admission fee and instead turned around.

When we got back to the edge of the city we took a different route, but it still had plenty of stairs.

Stairs down, back to Cusco


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